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Beautiful garden in New Zealand

Beautiful garden in New Zealand, a private garden Maple Valley. Rob Davison manages captive breeding of plants in partnership with their parents in southern New Zealand. They are the owners of this beautiful garden. Since 1970, the garden grew and occupies 25 acres. It is open to the public every day from 9 am – 5 year-round, is accepting donations to pay for.


Alpine garden

Rock gardens have become a familiar part of garden compositions that mimic the natural mountain scenery. They can be built on a plot with any relief, without the help of a designer, fit perfectly into the surrounding landscape. Rock garden is a rocky garden planted with plants in a particular order, the choice of which should be handled with special care. Plants should get on with their future neighbors, consider the time and timing of their flowering. The most appropriate place for the device rock garden will be well-lit place, the existing slope. But do not make a hill under…


Portable home garden from Grinfingerov

Grinfingery (Greenfingers) – a group of students from the University of Auckland – have developed a portable console for the home garden Pod garden system, in short – Pod. The concept of gardening “inside” based on a system Fogponics, types of hydroponics. The method uses a nutrient-rich solutions that are transmitted in the form of steam to the plant roots. Below is a description of the project from designers themselves: “prefix Pod is a product that is intended for cultivation and propagation of plants among those people who have limited or no possibilities for breeding flowers, grasses and trees in…


Garden benches

Bench – one of the most interesting decorative element that allows you to emphasize the landscape zones. Benches can be routed around the track, planting trees, shrubs, flower beds broken, and you can put it in the most unexpected places. Incoming search terms: garden benches , garden bench


Wood Plastic Composite

To date, the use of products made of “liquid wood” is becoming more and more popular in the city, and close to nature. There are several reasons.


Garden of inspiration

Perhaps the most striking example of an inspiring water garden – Claude Monet’s Garden, the garden of Claude Monet. Yes, yes, that – the famous French impressionist.



Among avid gardeners will have plenty of those who equate the autumn and winter of the ordeal, because cold weather does not allow fully devote himself to his favorite hobby. However, in the home garden can be divided into real and despite the vagaries of nature, enjoy the delicious fruits of their labor.

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