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Very functional table with a set of shelves

Designer Reinier de Jong has made an interesting coffee table. This plan created a modern table that gives an interesting comfortable and functional rectangular table made of wood, this table can be decomposed in several forms, looks very interesting. This table can be used for storing books, magazines, so that they are not scattered all over the house. The customer can choose the material, which he likes, oak, beech, what you most enjoy.


White Vase with different patterns

White Vase looks great in almost any interior style. Think of a way to decorate your living room this item. Particularly interesting look ceramic vases that add texture room through interesting technique. Look at our current selection: white textured ceramic vase with proper use will be a great decorative object on your coffee table.


Table-tire from Tavomatico studio

Tavomatico studio of designers have created a coffee table out of the ordinary tire. This material is used to paint in different colors, they got here is such a fun piece of furniture.


Mysterious Octopus table in the style of steampunk

Bronze Octopus coffee table he’d just picked up from the seabed. Round glass table top holds a colorful octopus, slightly tilting his head from the stress. Sculptor Isaac Krauss (Isaac Krauss) as accurately conveyed the outlines of sea inhabitant, it sometimes seems that the table is about to move. On the creation of the work at the Isaac Krauss took 2.5 years, 1,500 hours of work and 225 kg bronze. Complex, according to the designer, was to recreate the eight tentacles of an octopus, so that they do not repeat each other. It was even harder to turn into tentacles…


The coffee table-transformer

Comfort in any living room creates a multitude of details: comfortable furniture, beautiful curtains and carpet, and, of course, a coffee table, which has not only an aesthetic function, coinciding with the interior in style, color and shape, but also, of course, stand for different works subjects. However, the best of the hosts will be a coffee table is not easy, but can be transformed.


Creative Coffee Table

Croatian design studio Brigada has created a coffee table with a special built-in compartment for storing magazines and newspapers. The coffee table has a simple design: on the one hand there is a small table top, and the other – divided into narrow “compartments” a place to store paper products of any type. According to the developers, “a coffee table, as a rule, serves as a place for temporary storage of newspapers and magazines, books and articles, eventually becoming a collector of interesting information from different times.” It was with this thought in mind the artists studio Brigada and started…

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