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Garden Tables by Langan Fine Arts

Presented today garden table, which can be used as Stepping Stones. Langan Art can not find a common element between the person table garden and Steppin stones to decorate their décor painted table. The material from which it is manufactured stone, unusual and very monumental figures, these objects are very distinct decor garden. Of course, everyone will love these pieces of stone in good shape in a hexagonal design. It is noteworthy that the surface of the tables for the garden you can enjoy and be inspired by forms of nature with artistic reasons very well handled.


Fractal Garden – A Garden On Wheels

Andrea Legg, Deborah Lewis and Murray Legg art and architecture collective, Legge Lewis Legge, invented a very special garden. Named Fractal garden, this was done by connecting the parts rhomboid planters.Forma supported on wheels and integrated to give it a geometric shape and character. They are good for small roofs and summer terraces, which are generally devoid of vegetation.


Garden Ideas: Parisian Mansion by Raf Simons

Luxury fashion brand Christian Dior has been known to be on the cutting edge of fashions and trends, so it’s only fitting that the latest fashion show in Paris embodies the amazing collection that the designer reveals. The floral garden walls were expressed with the beauty of peonies, carnations, goldenrod, delphiniums and roses. Designer Raf Simons was behind the latest runway show in Paris, and the result was simply stunning. One million flower blooms adorned the interior of a Parisian mansion. While the models strutted their designer duds, there’s no doubt that the interior had guests mesmerized by the delicately…

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