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A table for fans to sleep at work

The name of the table is very clear. The main feature that distinguishes it from the rest of the furniture in the form of tables – is the availability of flex surface (like a trampoline), which can be folded exuberant head and rest. It turns like a pillow under the table top – and wanted to take a nap, flipped it open and lay down. I do not know how it really is convenient, because the “cushion” brain sag under the weight down.


Glass tables – Happy Hippo

The designer furniture from Scotland Mark Stoddart. The idea of creating such tables came to the artist it is in Africa, after visiting the national parks and animal observation. Mark Stoddart’s work adorns private collections and are not intended for continuous sale, as are produced in limited quantities. In this case, the designer admits that loaded with others. Incoming search terms: glass hippo


You Might Be Ready for Summer, but is Your Home?

Summer is here! The weather is stunning and our homes should match that, right? Well, it’s not always easy to find a style that fits for a very long time; most of us just make do with what we’ve got until we have the time and money to change it. That being said, our homes should be warm and inviting all the time so what can we do to make it easier? Where to begin? Often a daunting question, but let’s think logically. I’d start with colours, as these will provide a base for everything that comes after. A warm…


Interesting furniture from No Stereotype Series

A Korean designer named Dong-yeop Han created an original and unusual furniture that was made No Stereotype Series. This unique collection of furniture is a minimum set of elements. In the collection of use plastic strips that are really fresh approach to furniture design, and different from what used to. The use of plastic strips – this is not only a new and trendy, but also very functional thing that will keep a lot of things, not only in the container, but also beyond. In addition, the color of the furniture looks good group.


Hit the deck with your new nautical bedroom

The importance of keeping your bedroom fresh doesn’t need to be explained, but when you’re on the hunt for new bedroom decor the choice can be overwhelming and expensive. If you’re looking for a style that can be achieved quickly and don’t want to lose any sleep on the cost, try adding a nautical splash to your room.


The most unusual furniture covers

The last couple of years, world designers delight us with interesting solutions in the manufacture of furniture. One of the trendiest areas of industrial design is handmade. That is, more and more often we can see the extravagant knitted furniture that causes surprise and delight. Knitted furniture offers enormous scope for designers and expands the horizons of their many ideas. One of the most famous designer Daniel Hedner for the trading house Imaginaryoffice presented a collection of cross-linked residues of textiles and clothing.

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