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The house overlooks the ocean

The project of a private residence Casa VU was submitted by architects studio TDC. The mansion is located on a steep hillside overlooking the ocean on the outskirts of Lima, Peru. It is a bit messy located one block on top of another, forming an unexpected terrace for relaxing in the shade. In each room of the house the emphasis is on the beauty of the surrounding nature, which is an integral part of the project, so the design is a simple and calm light tones with a minimum of decoration.


Small houses

What could be better than a relaxing summer day at your own garden plot? Light wind kisses, the gentle touch of the sun, white clouds and a modern, comfortable and well-gardening area – all this creates an unforgettable feeling of comfort and joy and pride in their country house, mansion or estate. The clever design of the garden house – a pledge that your country site you will have a place where you will not only be able to store inventory, but with the comfort of leisure time. A well-designed and quality constructed garden house can be a decoration for…


Interior of a country house

The white color is attractive your ease, impeccably clean and impressive. White in the interior – it is always a good move. He gives a lot of opportunities not only for the interior decoration, but also to change the space, visually pushing its boundaries and increasing the volume. In the interior of the white color was particularly popular in Europe and America, 20′s and 30′s, when the white walls and furniture were the symbol of the aristocratic way of life owners of the house, a sign of wealth and sophistication. Minimalist interiors 60 white used in a completely new role:…


The Retro-Industrial Kitchen

This kitchen made in a retro style with addition of industrial strokes settles down in one of the Madrid houses. Designers faced a difficult task while planning kitchen – how to divide kitchen and dining room space and not to reduce the area visually. The space of kitchen and dining room is integrated and divided at the same time. At the owners’ request big doors from glass and metal remain open, uniting dining room and kitchen zones in one big space. This method perfectly works when many guests come to the house. In addition, the transparent doors, used for divide,…


Decorate an apartment on Valentine’s Day

If you are going to invite to visit your vote, then enjoy a decoration of their homes. On the wall you can attach small or big hearts. Also welcome candle in the shape of hearts, pink or red. Put a bit of aroma oils or perfume on the wick, and your room will be filled blazhenstvennymi flavors. Be careful only to accidentally burn something. Do not forget to clean the room and bed clean linens. After all, nobody knows what can end a candlelight dinner. For festive meal on the table cover, bed red napkins. Special umelitsy can make them…


The Lialina Square

Rented accommodation overlooking the Lialina Square A two-room apartment of generous proportions on the Lialina Square has been rented by a young couple for 2 years already. Both decoration and furniture came through the homeowners, but during this time the house has accumulated a bunch of pretty little things, such as Buddha’s statuettes and African masks brought back from the travels. The hosts say that the flat blossoms out at nights, by dimmed light, when loads of guest come together – to dine, to drink a glass of good wine or to play board games. The house is lucky to…

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