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Adding those final touches

Once your wall is papered, floorboards are carpeted and curtains hung, it’s adding a few final touches to your room that will bring the look together and into a space that you are proud of. Linking-up elements of any room can be a tricky business, so take your colour scheme and your room’s theme and think carefully about a few pieces that will bring as much individuality to your space, as they do style. Whether you want to complement or contrast, make sure you implement these three accessories to bring your décor to life.


9 ideas for decorating the bedroom, in 10 different styles

There are those who customize their bedrooms by painting the walls in a cheerful and colorful way, those who prefer relaxed and warm tones and those who are dazzled by the latest fashion trends by choosing a luxury bed at Time4Sleep. The bedroom is the room of our house that probably best reflects the image and personality of those who live in and there are infinite variations to decorate it. We have therefore tried to reduce them to 9 major types, to give new inspiration for you in one of the selected styles. Which do you like more?


Beautiful folding fabric

Designer Anne Kuiro his unusual ability to folding fabric has achieved success and recognition. Her unique creativity to the folding fabric turned into a successful project for the decoration of furniture and interior design. Of all pieces of fabric (of course those who can keep the shape), it can create a unique design.


SLR applications

Wall decor with the help of mirror applications. Technology is now gone so far that is a mirror may be plastic, but the interesting idea of it can be implemented. These elements are made of high-gloss plastic or vinyl mirror stickers, they are sold ready-made, and they can be cut to order, according to your sketches or finished


4 Weird and Wonderful Furniture Items from Around the World

When it comes to buying furniture for your home, the wealth of choices available has never been so vast. Nowadays, the global market is so versatile that homeowners have an endless range to choose from- and the market is only growing. What is your personal taste? Every person has their own individual style when it comes to decorating their home. Whether you prefer modern pieces or old-fashioned items, it is possible to create a stylish living space, at a price you can afford. Are you quite ‘out there’ with regards to your furniture or do you favour more reserved, classic…


New Year – a family holiday!

Remember your childhood: at the time of the fashion jewelery is still not talking, but the Christmas tree and holiday decor looked no less impressive. Traditional New Year’s palette – the red-white-green – a symbol of preservation of family values. And if you add a little bit of golden light – a drop of luxury holiday shine. In this atmosphere perfectly fit houseplants with red buds, if they please you with their flowering is during the holidays.


Christmas wreath on the door with his own hands

Sometimes it is enough to choose a Christmas framework, and it added to the ensemble, plastic fruit, which in a large assortment can be found in any major hypermarket, a flower shop or specialty salon decor. Thrifty knobs you can gather yourself Incoming search terms: CHRISTMAS WREATH , christmas wreaths

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