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Beautiful kitchen in pink

Which would you like to see the kitchen? Blue? Red? Or pink? Some people think that juicy and bright colors look gaudy, but this collection of bright pink kitchen pictures in this dissuade you. Bright Pink wallpaper or pale colors set the tone for the entire kitchen, create a mood, a kitchen that is refreshing and attracts. Pink Kitchen is very large, so you can make a couple and enjoy every minute of it.


A collection of furniture from Natevo

Natevo – a new brand of flour. The Italian manufacturer of beds and bedroom furniture has expanded its line to iSaloni – 2013. In the first collection Natevo included tables and chairs, shelves and chairs, console and mirror.


Spin Stool by Daphne Zuilhof

Usually the coolest parts can Imest most disgusting description. Spin chair – negative space design Daphne Zuilhof great part. In the collection of a Spin (aka Spider after translation from the Dutch) looks like a small stack of plates. If gradually unfold. What makes an interesting chair is its simple starting point and fascinating stages until its completion. This is an amazing toy for adults with a useful final form. Spin chair is made of 60 different pieces, allowing its smooth motion as you turn around and collect the final version of the chair. You will need a little time to remember…


Warm textiles in interior

You can enjoy a new collection of home decor “Reflejos de Mi Tierra». Their wonderful blankets, throws, pillows and modern rugs really give comfort and warmth of home, you can make your home into a warm place. Holds an Italian company with a traditional old vintage style with a modern touch and elegance, and it’s probably one of the reasons why their products are so wonderful.


Natural from Catherine Op de Beck

Collection Baptized By Nature – “baptized nature” created out of the materials that we consider waste. Katrina was knitting for the wood-based long-term suffering the impact of the sun, wind, sand, water. One that pollutes rivers during floods and floats down the river many, many miles – snags, thick branches, trunks of fallen trees. Materials for Katrina chooses, strolling along the beach. All the pieces of wood are easy processing (cleaning, sawing), without prejudice to their natural beauty, and are supplemented by other materials – stainless steel and aluminum. But all the attention, of course, is to engage the wood…


Arranged houseplants

Houseplants add comfort and freshness in the interior of the apartment. True fans are going to a stunning collection, and not nearly as important as many of them rare specimens – sometimes even 2-3 species of plants can add charm to the house and keep a good mood. In this collection we have collected ideas on creative arrangements of indoor plants, if you have the desire to show imagination. They can be combined with each other and cut flowers, choose the type of harmony and color of the container, combine with natural decorations and fun stuff.


Romantic collection of carpets and cushions

Belgian designer Charlotte Lancelot, come up with this collection, is convinced that things can change the world. The collection Canevas, Belgian began by observing the functionality of the most commonly used interior. Then turned its attention to the “nature” of items. And then – decided to make a collection of multi-functional, emotional, and forever young. “I wanted to freshen up the old technique cross stitch and make it timeless – says the designer.

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