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Colourful bathrooms

Back in the 70s, many people followed popular interior design trends and chose to install coloured bathroom suites into their homes. Dusky pink and brown suites filled homes across the nation, all then deemed to be at the cutting edge of interior design.

Fast-forward a few years and these suites were seen as outdated monstrosities that still haunted the bathrooms of many homes. It is because of this that so many people recommend keeping the colour of your bathroom suite to white, as this colour will not date.

However, having a white bathroom suite along with white walls can provide a sterile, cold and uninviting environment – hardly the relaxing atmosphere you want when you’re looking to unwind with a long hot soak.

While still keeping the suite white, many people are looking to inject colour to their bathrooms in other ways. Tiling is a popular option but this may not be appropriate if you’re looking to redecorate on a budget. Not only will you have to cover the initial cost of the tiles, you will also have to pay for a tiler to fit them, as well as any additional charges to repair any damage that may occur over the years.

Cladding is a fantastic alternative to tiles and an excellent way to inject a splash of colour into your bathroom. Boasting all of the features of tiles, cladding is both practical and waterproof, while providing a professional finish in the process. Have a look at the selection of bathroom wall panels available from Décor cladding centre. They have some mosaic print panels that will look great in any bathroom.

Finish off your room with a selection of complementary bathroom accessories, like toothbrush holders, soap dispensers and decorative ornaments, to really bring the room together.

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