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Hottest Kitchen Counter Ideas

Home decor is not unlike fashion. There are classics with looks that will last a lifetime and there are trends that come and go. Generally, life lifetime of kitchen decor last less than 10 years, so when creating your dream kitchen you want to consider a look that will last the course of its time. 1. Poured concrete Poured concrete counters offer strength, style and are seemingly timeless in appearance. They offer a natural, organic look for those who are wanting such in their kitchens. These counters need to be sealed well, perhaps more than once, to prevent staining. Poured…


White Kitchens – Fresh Ideas

Timeless white kitchen Add mirrored insets and plinths to hand-painted cabinetry in an all-white kitchen to enhance the feeling of light and space. Vain, us? Never! Incoming search terms: kitchen diner ideas , shabby chic kitchen , white kitchen , kitchen splashback ideas


Interesting Ways to Revamp Your Kitchenware

We are all aware that small things can make a world of difference. This is also true in the kitchen, where time spent cooking often needs to be “spiced up”. One way to achieve this is to constantly reinvent the space you work in visually. You can choose to add some colorful tiles above the sink, hang an original looking pendant lamp to change the mood of the room or move some of the furniture around. But as I pointed out before, this post is about the little things. Which is why for today we gathered a few ideas on…


Kitchen Splashbacks – Fresh Ideas

Add Pattern Who said a kitchen should be plain? Patterned kitchen tiles are becoming more and more popular as they bring a decorative element as well as being exceptionally hardwearing. Avoid bright white grout, which can be too stark and has a tendency to look grubby pretty quickly.


Ideas for Wooden Kitchen Flooring

Ecora solid oak A good-quality, solid-wood floor can last for decades as long as it is looked after properly, and wear and tear over time will only add to its charm. Choose oak for a classic, country look. Incoming search terms: Kitchen Flooring Ideas , kitchen flooring , flooring ideas , kitchen floor ideas


Cups Ideas – Creepy Creature

These disturbing creature cups are the idea of Brooklyn-based artist Yumi. Being an avid coffee drinker, Yumi had this idea brewing for years until she finally realized exactly where her creatures belonged – in the bottom of your coffee cup of course! Her shop on Etsy offers cups featuring a variety of different creatures, including an octopus, lobster, sea otter, crocodile, or one of each in a set of four.


Best Complicated Ideas for Kitchen Faucets

This question is just one of many emails we have received recently asking the same thing. While it’s fabulous to have so many options when remodeling your kitchen it can get very confusing and overwhelming. I will attempt to clarify the differences between all the options you will encounter when shopping for a new kitchen faucet. Typical Single Hole Kitchen Faucet A single hole faucet is literally a faucet which will require just one hole in your countertop. This means that the lever or knob, and the spray will all be attached to the faucet itself. Very often single hole…

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