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Beautiful White Table «Melted Snow»

The studio has developed from Bucharest AAStudio table «Melted Snow». It all started with the idea of creating an original piece of furniture that would be modern, innovative, but most importantly, it should be a symbol of everyday life: the table. We wanted to use corian in all possible ways. Corian – a very strong material, it is non-toxic, non-porous and can be absolutely any conceivable shape. Form the table reminds Mount «Babele», covered with snow. Corian was the perfect metaphor for the snow that covers the table.


Using an old washing machine to create unique seating

Modern designer Antonina Grigoryan – one of the graduates of the Israeli National Academy of Arts. This cute girl has come up with his own hands and made the original three comfortable armchairs of only a broken washing machine. Designer Antonina believes that their old things definitely need to do something in order not to clutter up the environment, and to give a second life to old things.


Fallen tree in the interior

The young French designer Benjamin Greyndorg in the Design Miami (Benjamin Graindorge) presents his work “Fallen Tree” (FallenTree). This original piece of furniture is a tree, a bench of oak and glass.


Superb Tea table from DesignK

At moments when you want to be alone, a wonderful accompaniment could be this original “tea table for one.” It was invented by experts from Design K.


Funny hanger for keys

Hanger for keys – petty, but a necessary thing in every home, because every happened – put your keys, and then in the search, and that you do not waste time on it unusual hangers will attract your attention, because if they are not only there, but still and look original – they are a pleasure to use. Now a lot of ideas hangers for keys, we have chosen the most exclusive and interesting, but also very convenient, for example magnetic hanger for keys.


Original handmade hanger

Clothes hangers from Antonello Fuse (Antonello Fusè). It is the Italian master who just uses the back of the old chairs. Complementing the back of a metal hook and remove unnecessary parts, it turns hanger with an unusual creative design. Of course, all this produces Antonello not casual one such hanger costs from 10 to 15 Euro per unit, so that such a business can be quite lucrative!


The most unusual of bread buffet

Table of baguettes was created by a Polish design Studio Gyalik. Seeming very original, it is designed to make us think about how much food we throw away. The creators were inspired by studies that were conducted in Vienna. Statistics showed that if you take all of the food that is thrown in the Austrian capital, it is possible to feed half of the population of the city of Graz.

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