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Beautiful and concise contemporary designer furniture from Joseph Wall

Beautiful and concise contemporary designer furniture from Wal Joseph. Chairs have curves lines that will make you feel cozy and comfortable. Сurves expense forms, you cannot slouch, as the chair takes the shape of your body and teach you how to keep your posture correct. Worth mentioning that it is also unusual in that it has only three legs, two front and one rear.


Merry Mobile cottage on wheels

Sometimes we want to travel without much cargo, and take almost all the things for the sheer convenience. It is for these special cases created an unusual mobile cottage «De Markies». The uniqueness of this trailer is that it can be expanded as a tent, making this an unusual way a lot of extra space to use. Originally, it was a miracle of design exhibited at the fair in 1985. Created this unusual house architect Edward Bottling.


Unusual Utensils made ​​of paper

The creator of this work, Paronetto Paola (Paola Paronetto), was educated at the School of Ceramics La Meridiana, then founded his own studio. Here she took up the search for creative, professional improvement and experimentation with ceramics and porcelain. In twenty years of practice, the designer managed to develop his own style of interpreting the ancient techniques of working with clay and learn the different techniques of processing. Designer boldly experimenting with the technological capabilities of materials, plays with form and texture.


Funny bed in the shape of the nest

The company OGE Group has created an unusual bed in the shape of a bird’s nest. This bed is available in three sizes. The largest bed is placed about sixteen people.


The most unusual wine rack

It’s time for your magic bottle of wine. The Magic Lasso Wine Stand looks like a rope fluttering in the air. The rope holding the neck of the bottle holder makes the magic. Strong domestic support makes the thread is strong enough to keep your bottle of wine that’s all the magic revealed. Imagine how unusual such a unique stand will fit into your decor.


Beautiful kitchens combined with a spacious drawing room

A large and spacious kitchen combined with living-room, can accommodate in any for you corner. Here you can organize a small event, or to arrange with friends the day of preparation of pizza. It is very convenient, that in the kitchen there is a bar rack, which can put a fruit, or entertaining, or simply sit down to read a book. Itself kitchen decor with tiled which is similar to the brick-built, which creates a rustic interesting style of the kitchen.


Glamorous furniture from Louis Vuitton

Famous designer Jason Phillips came up with a unique interior with prints of famous LV, a furniture company Phillips Collection bring them to life, releasing a series of exclusive fashion sofas light and dark tones. The light fabric furniture blends with multicolored monogram and brown – with yellow. Also there is an unusual chair with logo.

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