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Pool at the coffee table

Interesting design project coffee table Swimming Pool Table, both original and stylish, but at the same time simple and concise, presented at the London Design Festival Marcus Beck and Simon Macro of British studio Freshwest Design. Shiny acrylic table top really reminds pool water surface, and a miniature diving board into the water only reinforces this impression. Original table-pool Swimming Pool Table is made of a thick (50 mm) acrylic plate handsome and rich blue. Its smooth surface reflects and refracts light, making the blue acrylic becomes deeper and softer, more resembling the pool water surface. Want to touch it…


Frank – a desk lamp from Pana Objects

Brand Pana Objects at the Bangkok Design created a table lamp with the name Frank (Frank). The design was inspired by the light obrazommilogo little puppy who runs, jumps and plays around when you get home. Made of beech, Frank can be a wonderful addition to revitalizing decorative design as your family home and workplace. Incoming search terms: desk lamp


Hanging chairs

The shape and design of outboard seats are quite diverse, so they will be harmonious addition to any interior. Regardless of the room, which will host the suspension seat, it will bring additional warmth, comfort and convenience, and probably will, and feeling tale in which adults will dip with great pleasure. Original wicker chair to blend in interior home library, a nice design, as a “drop”, will retire and easy to read, without being distracted by extraneous matter. Incoming search terms: hanging chair , hanging chairs for bedrooms


Design bedrooms in dark colors

Bedroom – an intimate room where there is no entry prying eyes. Style solution for a bedroom may be different from the style of the whole apartment, but most importantly it must be tailored to the individual needs and tastes of its owners. The furnishings and decor of the bedroom require special attention. Huge impact on the nature of the bedroom has a color and quality and type of finishing materials. Color scheme plays an important role in the formation of an interior bedroom. Style bedroom, one might say, is determined by its color scheme. Defining colors bedroom main thing…


Herbst Architects

Herbst Architects sought to introduce a range of space, good light and texture of experience in the design of the house on the Big Island in New Zelandii.Tsentralnoy barrier covered deck forms the core residential area and surrounded by a bright captured vessels and kitchen and dining space, enclosed on two sides with a third party with movable louvers on screen vetra. Fireplace creates a warm and cozy atmosphere, acting as the heart Baha.Zhelanie to blur in and out, a reference to the campsite, is achieved through a series of sliding doors, making the passage, as a rule, and the…


Tootsie Family by zpstudio

Tutsi family is minimal design created by Italian company designers zpstudio for slow Design. Tutsi family is a small family of objects for tables, born from the meeting of beech wood and hand turned aluminum. Bowl Tootsie, banks Gil and cutting board Otto identified several opportunities to use every day. Tootsie is a bowl of processed aluminum and wood buka.Kryshka has a dual function of container board and grinding: the other plate can sit lower bowl to collect pischi.Dizayn can come in any color you like.


3D Printing Design Vases

You can not have too many vases, for sure. wonderful vase with fresh flowers will always brighten up any space in your home. We noticed some of the original and very attractive models of vases display 3D printing design that is owned. Exnovo collection, a collection of unique ideas and creative material objects. Creativity, technology and emotion three successful ingredients that are for the Italian brand. Exnovo, a brand that promises to offer exclusive products from the individual forms of production in small quantities, by using the technology of 3D printing.

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