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Ethnic decor in your home

This three-story apartment in the heart of London, if you move a hot safari: vintage furniture, warm colors, sultry textures and natural materials give a triplex and African bohemian spirit.


Interesting handles for drawers

This seemingly minor detail how to handle the chest, can instantly transform the entire interior. Baroque and minimalist, vintage or modern, handle dresser is an analogue of cufflinks in interior etiquette. Wooden handles with interesting details and patterns are perfect for romantic interiors and classic style, wooden pens, clay, handmade, decorate modern interior and gilt or brass knobs for the dresser will be a crucial part for the interior in different styles. You can select the color and taste. If you want something original, but you can not buy. Make them yourself out of clay.


Vintage chair

For those who are used to the economy, will not peddle, but if it becomes a choice, you probably will get an original and unique thing, even if it is a choice seat in the house. It is in this version – economical and unusual can be a vintage chair, so popular among Americans. For the restoration of the chair enough to come up with his new original upholstery or cover. In this case, the costs will be kept to a minimum, and the result can be a very elegant work that will attract attention and make a splash. Thus,…


Suitcases in the interior

Comfort and convenience “provincial style,” who gives the old days, now extremely popular. And if a little effort, from the old, it would seem, is absolutely useless things, it is easy to make great items for home decor. These things include the suitcases.


Retro interior designer Teresa Abaitua

Spanish designer Teresa Abaitua created a beautiful interior of the spacious house, with wide color pastels, weaving styles of contemporary furniture and interior fittings and antique furniture of the 1960s. Accent elements are restored antiques. Of course, the main highlight of the interior – a rainbow of colors that are simply incredible intertwined with each other and with the rest of the situation. Development of new color schemes make the room is not boring, expressive, full of character. Style of the house clearly thought out, concise and restrained. The atmosphere at home thanks to an amazing beautiful antique furniture, contemporary…


Ease in the interior design of Laura Ashley

Probably, each person will find the road thing as memory, remained from the grandmother or mother. And most of the subject is in a closet or collecting dust in a closet. And after all of these things, you can create a beautiful interior in a vintage style. If you do not want to change the interior, a few vintage items will create the right atmosphere in the house, reminiscent of the romantic past. To include vintage items, which more than 20 and less than 50 years and which restored in the style of the time. Many things you can do…


Decor ideas for the bathroom

Bathroom design consists not only of the form or appearance of the tiles plumbing. It is very important color decision, and the scale of finishing materials (tile size, picture size, color) and dimensions plumbing fixtures. In small spaces, do not use large tiles (eg 45 x 45 cm) and bulky equipment, and dark shades and large paintings on tiles or panels.

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