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Decorate an apartment on Valentine’s Day

If you are going to invite to visit your vote, then enjoy a decoration of their homes.
On the wall you can attach small or big hearts. Also welcome candle in the shape of hearts, pink or red. Put a bit of aroma oils or perfume on the wick, and your room will be filled blazhenstvennymi flavors. Be careful only to accidentally burn something.

Do not forget to clean the room and bed clean linens. After all, nobody knows what can end a candlelight dinner. For festive meal on the table cover, bed red napkins. Special umelitsy can make them hearts. Mugs “for lovers”, which together constitute a single entity – a great option for a holiday tea party. Also choose elegant dishes and beautifully arranged them appetizers. If you decide to please the beloved intoxicating cocktail, pour it in a nice glass of ice and drop back into a heart shape.




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