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Cozy Cat Longcroft Hotel in London

Quite a luxury hotel with five star service and gourmet restaurant, opened recently in north London. An important detail is the establishment – all guests must be able to mow. In short, the new hotel Longcroft is only for cats.


Lace in the interior

This fashion trend was born in France a few centuries ago when it was thought to have a personal seamstress sign of luxury. Today, lingerie style is one of the leading positions in the world of fashion, designers and decorators, and the most famous companies embracing this trend in many different variations. Elegant romantic lace, fine mesh, lace erotic – all serve as a prototype of textures and patterns in textiles, wallpaper, china and even a variety of home accessories. The most exquisite still considered white lace. It looks aristocratic, or is associated with a frosty pattern on glass. Even…


A unique hotel in a container

Reconditioned shipping containers are a versatile material when it comes to their use in architecture. «Sleeping Around» (literally translated to English as “sleep around”) is a unique and spacious hotel, consisting of six recycled containers that through the efforts of the design team turned into luxury hotel rooms. Four containers are used as hotel rooms, one is a breakfast area, and the latter has contained in its bosom a small sauna. Each of the guests presented twenty-foot hotel room is for a maximum comfort. For room amenities include a floating spring beds, air conditioning, a dock for iPod, and a…


Andara Resort Villas

Foreign getaways are always great, and when there is a magnificent resort is involved is hard to resist. Andara Phuket Resort & Villas just so happens to be the best of both worlds, and there is even an infinity pool on the roof with boot.Located in Phuket, Thailand, this resort is located along the Andaman Sea with Bay Kamala.Plyazhny resort is close to the most s top attractions , dining and entertainment. We hillside has better materials, finishes and furniture luxury wonderful experience and pure joy for those vacationing in Thailand in the near future.


Bathrooms Wood

It’s a wonderful parade bathrooms inspired diverse traditions of different countries, shows how to find the pieces of inspiration in these luxury bathroom sets around the world. These interiors are not intended to give an idea of typical homes or bathrooms in a particular country, but in order to take a pinch of flavor from each culture, mix it with a good dose of flavor and the sea of fantasy. Typical “Tuscan” turn in the interior emphasizes the old wooden beams, painting a dark spot on the background of gentle ocher shade rest of the room.


Ideas for the luxury bedroom

Luxurious bedroom furniture is designed to be stylish and elegant to make this room the most mysterious and intimate part of the house. For a truly royal dream is to afford the luxury of a double bed. Appreciate you this amazing collection and find the most suitable for your bed. Luxury bedroom in walnut covered with gold, gold is coated inserts made ​​of ivory. Luxurious collection is made up of fine wood processed in combination with luxurious carved details and covered with gold leaf. Incoming search terms: luxury bedrooms , luxury bedroom , luxury bedroom ideas


MP House by OmasC arquitectos

This is a modern house located in northern Spain, in 2012, the project Arquitectos OmasC. The windows of this luxury homes are oriented toward the north and south, to ensure smooth flow of natural light throughout the day.

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