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MP House by OmasC arquitectos

This is a modern house located in northern Spain, in 2012, the project Arquitectos OmasC.
The windows of this luxury homes are oriented toward the north and south, to ensure smooth flow of natural light throughout the day.

Paved the way for concrete slabs, which divides the private and public places, there is a huge wooden gate. The house is located a few meters from morya.Dom, is located on a narrow trapezoidal plot reaches the best orientation.
With light, the project consists of a ground floor, which keeps public places like the living room, dining room and kitchen. They are connected to the outside through the large sliding glass doors and wooden cover, which serves as a road runs to the porch, which is protected by the upper floor consoles.
In the basement there is a utility room, garage and polyvalent space. The first floor is divided double-height central part in two different areas: a bedroom and children on the one hand, and the main bedroom on the other.
Light house with a simple composition of volumes, a series of three parts, where the most important numbers of the program are. Long, narrow, rectangular plan allows enough space garden on the south side of the house. On the other side we find the access, placed between two pieces. North side hides ramp that leads to the garage.
Inside, it was rationally designed to make it functional, emphasizing its natural light and harmony to the world. Two-story dining room, located in the central part, the staircase leads us to the upper floors.
There are certain elements that illuminate the purity of forms, while providing warm white trim and walls, Doussie wood floors inside and outside, fixed furniture, woodwork and metalwork inside and out.
The house has a low energy demand through the use of sunlight.

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