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Trendy toys for Christmas trees

What a Christmas tree with no top? If earlier as the top most one could see the big red star, then you can now choose the top for every taste. In the chest of ideas for your home, we present a small selection of fashionable tops for the Christmas tree. Incoming search terms: Christmas Ornaments to Make


Overview creatively decorated with Christmas dishes

New Year to our races, and to have time to get ready for his arrival, and to meet the New Year fun and delicious, and we have to rush you. Gifts for family and friends for Christmas trees and decorations, for champagne and mandarin oranges, well, for other products from a long list, which on the eve of the New Year will turn into delicious dishes. And our current, pre-review, just dedicated to the most original, creative decorations Christmas dishes.


CHRISMY – Alternative Christmas Tree in Spanish

Each year, the green movement, promoting the conservation of nature, urging people not to install in the homes of the living tree, a life which, instead of possible future decades will break through the merry month of the winter holidays. Spanish architect Teresa Sapey has developed a creative interpretation of the Christmas tree CHRISMY, producer of which became the Spanish company VONDOM.


Are inspired by Christmas and New Year

Soon Christmas and New Year! What helps you to create a Christmas mood? Someone answered – music, someone said that he was looking Christmas movies, some just look out the window to see the snow and feel that the new year is approaching. Some of these ideas is easy to implement in the home, not only in the apartment, but in a hostel with a few resources and without using the available tools.


New Year’s decoupage: making Christmas decorations

What a New Year but without trees, and today’s master class is dedicated to the New Year’s decoupage. Surely, you are already in a painful waiting anticipation when furry green beauty steps into your home. And then you can safely begin its naryazhaniyu. Use a variety of toys, but you can still make original Christmas crafts with their hands. It does not necessarily have to be balls, garlands. It can be little things made ​​of paper, felt, fabric – anything that can create a festive atmosphere in your home. Huge popular and Christmas crafts out of paper. The advantages of…


Christmas Ornaments to Make

This resource is made to facilitate the selection of accessories for you to decorate your home and Christmas trees.


Decorate gifts green living

Optional packaging presents a special gift wrap. Look at the pictures. Unnecessary card can become an original gift box. Wrap a gift in music paper and see what the original gift we have. You can even use plain brown paper wrapping, as the ribbons – the string, and the gift decorate cinnamon sticks. As a result, remarkably decorated a Christmas gift. Also garnish with sprigs gift tree. Or use paper quiet, modest colors in the box, ribbon simple but bright, contrasting to the paper – an elegant gift ready!

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