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Leather sofas and chairs from designer Alex Hull

This beautiful and leather sofa and chairs created by designer Alex Hall. This complex consists of a leather furniture accessory, consists of a pair of chairs and a leather couch, he created them for the show, which was held in March 2013 in France. The architect was inspired by the ideas of the waves and the ocean.


Autumn decoration with apples

Every autumn, in the month of September begins the harvest of apples, and sometimes there are so many that they can not only eat, but also create beautiful decorations. Commonly associated with autumn yellow and red, the cool weather and perpetual rain. Begin the holidays, and often come to visit on a warm mulled wine. Apples help inspire ideas for home decorating, or any kind of event and celebration with your family.


A beautiful chandelier in the form of a flower made by Metallux

These beautiful chandeliers resemble flowers asters, chrysanthemums and lilies, and more than that they have a wonderful flavor and spring. These beautiful pendants were created by Metallux. This beautiful pendant is very beautiful, but these lamps are very large, up to five feet, and are suitable for rooms with high ceilings. Beautiful chandeliers are made of chromium or copper, and custom designs can be overlaid with gold leaf.


Beautiful design country house in America

The owners bought an old little house, which stood on this spot, a few years ago, it was torn down and built a new house to come here for the weekend with family and friends. Construction was carried out over several years. Now the two-storey house of 450 square meters with five bedrooms, terracotta floors, pool, fireplace and a covered veranda for sale for five million dollars


Beautiful White Table «Melted Snow»

The studio has developed from Bucharest AAStudio table «Melted Snow». It all started with the idea of creating an original piece of furniture that would be modern, innovative, but most importantly, it should be a symbol of everyday life: the table. We wanted to use corian in all possible ways. Corian – a very strong material, it is non-toxic, non-porous and can be absolutely any conceivable shape. Form the table reminds Mount «Babele», covered with snow. Corian was the perfect metaphor for the snow that covers the table.


The compact design of the sofa GamFrates

Design Studio has created a new sofa GamFratesi Haiku, a sofa is produced in the classic Japanese style savoir. This sofa looks very nice and beautiful, it is cozy and comfortable. One side of the sofa hard and sofa inside is soft and comfortable. It can be felt just sitting down or lying down on it. This sofa has a few models, and it is designed for 1 person and 3 person.


Beautiful and concise contemporary designer furniture from Joseph Wall

Beautiful and concise contemporary designer furniture from Wal Joseph. Chairs have curves lines that will make you feel cozy and comfortable. Сurves expense forms, you cannot slouch, as the chair takes the shape of your body and teach you how to keep your posture correct. Worth mentioning that it is also unusual in that it has only three legs, two front and one rear.

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