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Decorating a bedroom? Start with the bed!

Whether you use your bedroom as a space to express yourself and indulge in hobbies or as more of a dressing room, you are likely to rely on it as one thing in particular – as a place where you lay your weary head at the end of the day. As a result, the focus of most bedrooms is the bed itself and whether you’re short of space or have room for a super kingsize, your choice of bed can help set the tone for the complete room, as well as your night of rest. If you are buying a…


Studio apartment in the Chinese style

OWNERS Anton – a writer, a journalist Anna – a model METRIC AREA 52 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 1 FLOOR 4 CEILING HEIGHT 3.2 m A writer Anton Fridlyand bought a two-room apartment in an old house on Artema street five years ago. The owner decided to make the interior in Asian style after travelling around China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos. His friend, an architect Ilya Kabalov, helped Anton to execute the plan. Having considered various ideas, they agreed on a more neutral variant of design – comfortable for life and which keeps the aesthetics of a Chinese style…


Romantic bedroom with a beautiful terrace

This bedroom is so reminiscent of the summer! Fresh and bright colors, lots of greenery and light, terrace – this is not the place where you would like to meet this morning? Spacious room, five large windows provide plenty of natural light to this room.The centerpiece of the bedroom is white iron bed with a canopy. On the contrary it is an old yellow dresser that needs restoration. Masters deliberately not taken action on his appearance – his worn surface gives the room more charm. Also, the room has a small reading area with comfortable chairs and a small coffee…


Creative ideas for storing things in the bedroom

Storage space in the bedroom – a topical issue. As there is a massive blankets, pillows, bedding, jewelry and a lot of beautiful shoes so as not to spoil the interior? The modern bedrooms are rarely the only purpose. Many are trying to combine in the same room several functions: allocate a place for work or needlework, enclose a space for fitness equipment, organize closets, etc. Separation of one room into functional areas can be accomplished in various ways: contrasting colors in the decoration of the walls and other interior materials for floors, carpets, raised, movable walls and screens. Under…


Choose the color bedroom

Selection of colors for the bedroom – a responsible job. The combination of colors in the design of a room – one of the main objectives in the design of the apartment. On What color you make your bedroom depends on your mood, the inner peace and harmony. Think carefully about what you want to get? What you need – peace and harmony, or speakers. From this, and will depend on the color you choose for your bedroom. If in your bedroom you want to cheer up after a heavy routine, use the colors in the design of cold tones….


A bedroom with a beautiful headboard

A bedroom with a beautiful headboard can be very interesting and original to fit into your decor, just select the fashionable color and design, and you will have an interesting bedroom. Incoming search terms: deco shabby chic


Interior of the house of actress Sarah Jessica Parker

The actress, who played a major role in the TV series “Sex and the City” also lucky with friends. In the role of informal adviser decorator gave Eric Hughes, a specialist in the creation of the beach and resort scenery for Hollywood movies. Sarah Jessica, in contrast to the previous character, wanted nothing stuffy, pretentious and showy. The main value – light, air and light. In the end, everything turned out as planned. But without red tonicity accents in the kitchen and the bedroom, to which this decorator, the interior would have looked a little bored.

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