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Unusual computer with a green lawn

New technologies hit with new ideas, such a computer will be able to renovate the interior of an apartment, and it is particularly well suited for the role. Simple computer turns into a mini garden. Grass grows to the height of the display panel and the parts that had to be cleared to hide inside the computer, where the bulb with soil and roots.


Site for those who love yoga and meditation

Everyone knows that Japan is one of the most charming places in which there are many parks and beautiful places with large stones. Most often, gardens, flat and smooth sand filled up special or small pebbles. Typically in the garden for meditation stones arranged in a chaotic manner. It is worth noting that in many of the gardens and European style. Browse a selection of gardens, and you may want to put one of them.


Beautiful furniture made ​​of basalt fiber for the garden

Maffam Freeform – a company which is a manufacturer of furniture for the garden, terrace house. They produce handmade furniture. The famous designer from Latvia Raimonds Cīrulis (Raimonds Cirulis) has created a unique and interesting collection of furniture made of basalt fibers.


Beautiful Hanging terrarium – a lamp

The designer, born in Mexico and has lived in the Netherlands, Jose de la O presented a gorgeous pendant light, which is both a vegetable garden. The lamp uses a special lamp, which provides an increased amount of blue light to help plants grow. The designer sees the lamp is not only a source of light, but also a resource for growing vegetables in the city, where there is never enough space for gardening.


Making great landscape design and garden plots

In this post provided landscape design from all over the globe. This is a great piece of landscape design pictures, about how we can make beautiful smallholding. A small number of options to help you think about how to arrange your garden.


The old furniture in the garden

In spring and summer, many gardeners like to make furniture in the garden and arrange gatherings there. However, to carry out garden decor with their own hands and make it even more comfortable, you can use the old furniture that will stand there all the time. Most often, this furniture is used for flowers. As a “framework” can serve as a broken-down piano, a rusty bed, nightstand old, dilapidated chair, etc. Suffice it to paint these things in a bright color to make them a flower bed and planted flowers there. No special efforts by the decoration of furniture for…


Beautiful flower garden of an old barrel

A new idea for landscaping the garden. The idea of how old barrels a barrel for the colors with their hands out of wood. Beautiful mini-flower-bed of an old wooden barrel. It looks very creative, and takes up little space in your yard or balcony. View the photos and go to work!

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