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Unusual sofa Bungy from Leila Diamonds

Convenient and comfortable sofa would not miss the TV remote. The young designer, who is an alumnus of the University of New Bakingemshirskogo Leala Dymond has created an interesting and economical sofa. Due to the ropes that interweave sofa, and they very firmly hold objects. The strings can hide small everyday items: magazines, books, remote controls.


Warm furniture made ​​of felt

Modern designer Brandon Norsted created an interesting application of the felt. He did not make it out of clothes, and created furniture. It permeates the felt and an epoxy resin, laid in several layers of fiberglass. So Brandon Norsteda get the felt necessary to give it shape. Furniture made ​​of felt to get interesting, but is not for everyone, and some may not like it


Interesting furniture from No Stereotype Series

A Korean designer named Dong-yeop Han created an original and unusual furniture that was made No Stereotype Series. This unique collection of furniture is a minimum set of elements. In the collection of use plastic strips that are really fresh approach to furniture design, and different from what used to. The use of plastic strips – this is not only a new and trendy, but also very functional thing that will keep a lot of things, not only in the container, but also beyond. In addition, the color of the furniture looks good group.


Curtains made of beads, beads and improvised

Now in stores is a great choice of blinds and curtains for home. But, you see, elegant blinds, made with their own hands is always interesting and unusual. We tell you how to make their own unique curtains of the beads. With this accessory is even usual window will acquire individuality and the interior of the apartment will amaze your friends and acquaintances with its elegance. Sunbeams playing in multi-colored beads, attract the eye and create the illusion of a fairy tale. Start with the selection of beads, deciding what style should be your curtains. Glass, wooden or acrylic –…


SLR applications

Wall decor with the help of mirror applications. Technology is now gone so far that is a mirror may be plastic, but the interesting idea of it can be implemented. These elements are made of high-gloss plastic or vinyl mirror stickers, they are sold ready-made, and they can be cut to order, according to your sketches or finished

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