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Dressing table in dark colors

Sample traditionalism – dressing table «Domino», created by Devon & Devon. A console sink cabinet with a shiny gloss finish and top in black or white natural marble will help recreate the classic style, even in a small room. However, the finish does not have to be black, it is sufficient if it is made in the noble dark colors. Incoming search terms: bedroom dressing table


Interesting light bulb Andre Silva Machado

Portuguese designer André Silva Machado inspired by nature and created a wonderful night lamp, whose light is warm, natural. The lamp itself is made from high grade wood, supported by a tripod and a screw. The lampshade is made from a sheet of fir wood, thickness – 1 mm. According to the designer, “the purpose was to create an object that can modulate the light, in other words, that allows the user to control the light.


Kitchen interiors in the English style

Comfortable and cozy kitchen in the English style in your home will be the most desirable place. English-style design of the kitchen with natural materials – glass, wood, textile flax and cotton. The distinctive layout features English cuisine. In English cuisine are most commonly used separation zones. Common use of the island as a center of the kitchen is the main working area – sink, range hood, a cutting table, and hob.


Lamps like branches of a tree

These lamps are called Kaji lamp. Kaji in translation is the “branch.” Natural abstraction, expressed in teak wood and steel. And just beautiful and wonderful lamp, which embellish your interior.


Gorgeous glossy design ideas

Glossy kitchen – the real stars of modern interiors. Pastel or bright, but always stylish and trendy, they look like they work on them big-name designer. Here are some design ideas gloss kitchen. Distinctive features glossy kitchens – it metal parts finishing, high-tech elements and frequent use of the kitchen monoblock, which gives the interior a more urban view. If you do, however, want to soften the design glossy kitchen, dilute it with natural wood.


Homemade workplace

Home office can be made from different materials, both natural and man-made modern. Classic wooden furniture looks solid, and does not lose its relevance. Plastic models are suitable for the young ladies who love shocking. Glass shelves and tables appear weightless and can be located visually without cluttering the space, even in small spaces. Metal furnishings look very stylish. Women are more selective in the colors and meticulously apply to forms of furniture. Furniture manufacturers have provided the taste preferences of their clients and offer furniture in all shapes, from traditional strict geometric forms, to more unusual, intricately curved variety…

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