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Superb Tea table from DesignK

At moments when you want to be alone, a wonderful accompaniment could be this original “tea table for one.” It was invented by experts from Design K.


A few tips on how to use the vases in the interior

Many people underestimate the far vase in the decoration and interior. Someone is not taking seriously the vase in the interior. Someone keeps them in the dust in the closet and forgot about this wonderful accessories. Vases make the interior more interesting, original, and richer. Believe vases can never have enough! The main thing to choose a vase interesting and unique, and it is better if there will be a few. We’ll give you some tips how to decorate the interior with beautiful vases.


Magnificent apartment with marble

Natural stone (marble and granite) in the interior has used since ancient times. Since then, until we reached a lot of products of this wonderful material. Marble – it’s wonderful and a great material for a work of art, a material widely used in marble of buildings and structures, it is made even different shapes. Did you know that in the translation of the word ” marble” is the “shining stone” ?  The Greeks who thought he was quarried marble holy stone gods. Natural stone – this is the real soul of nature, natural stone will bring your home unique….


How beautiful options to arrange a balcony with flowers

Is not too late to plant them in pots and containers so that they have time to make you happy for its wonderful colors. By the way, thanks to the spectacular containers, even the most ordinary flowers can look very unbanal. Do you want to focus just on the colors, let them be little, but the picture has to be charming? Feast your eyes on an interesting mix of different flowering and – options for decorating the balcony hang-downing, twine and large plants that can be added to the total composition. Enjoy your stay and successful findings!


Pipes in the form of vases

It’s wonderful that such construction materials as plastic pipes found a completely new application – the vase. Designer Spotlight FX Balléry proposed cover of paint, varnish, attach the bottom – and you have a trendy vase. If you have recently ended repair and you at least a little worried about the environment, do not throw away the plastic pipe, and get them to the second application.


Beautiful floor in the house

Cement tiles – the object of our adoration. It fits anywhere: practical – for the kitchen and dining room, luxurious and stylish – for the living room, bright and non-trivial – for the hallway. Cement tiles with bright patterns permanently retains its original form, does not require special care and is a wonderful part of the decor, which also does not take up extra space.


Warm textiles in interior

You can enjoy a new collection of home decor “Reflejos de Mi Tierra». Their wonderful blankets, throws, pillows and modern rugs really give comfort and warmth of home, you can make your home into a warm place. Holds an Italian company with a traditional old vintage style with a modern touch and elegance, and it’s probably one of the reasons why their products are so wonderful.

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