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Beautiful decorative mirrors in the living room

Dining room mirror can be placed on the table, against the wall, above the low sideboard or on a sofa, if there was a place for him. But for this area still has its own design rules. Let us remember that the glass and shiny metal – natural elements dining room. Therefore, the decorative mirror makes sense to draw attention! For example, put it in a frame. If you want to add color accents in white or beige dining room – take 2-4 mirrors, frames and paint them in bright colors. Another technique – the contrast with the background wall,…


Beautiful house pockets, convenient shelf for things

For relatively large, there are various things in cupboards and shelving. And what a fine, just the ones who are the source of disorder often? Surely, you’ve accumulated a lot of little things that are not stored where they are used. Or they are not easy to find (surrounded by like). But you remember that one of the main rules of order – a well-defined place for each item next to the place of use. So this gallery you will add new and creative ideas on the topic of storage. Especially suitable owners of small apartments that are always looking…


Beautiful kitchens combined with a spacious drawing room

A large and spacious kitchen combined with living-room, can accommodate in any for you corner. Here you can organize a small event, or to arrange with friends the day of preparation of pizza. It is very convenient, that in the kitchen there is a bar rack, which can put a fruit, or entertaining, or simply sit down to read a book. Itself kitchen decor with tiled which is similar to the brick-built, which creates a rustic interesting style of the kitchen.


A one-room apartment in a new building with loft elements and self-made things

OWNERS Mikhail – a flight operator Natalya – a bookkeeper Metric area 35 sq.m Number of rooms 1 Floor 2 Ceiling height 2.75 m Mikhail and Natalya moved into their own apartment in a new building more than a year ago. They had been furnishing the apartment for several months before housing. Their friends helped them to make cosmetic repair, but they made interior decisions by themselves. A substantial relayout was organized in the apartment for a start. At first part of the wall in the corridor was removed, and a kitchen with a bar counter instead of the table…


Contemporary coffee tables

Of wood, metal or plastic, clear or colored, these coffee tables are perfect for living room design in contemporary style.


A two-room apartment with light interior.

OWNERS Yulia – a designer Denis – a marketing manager in a leasing company Metric area 56 sq.m Number of rooms 2 Floor 4 Ceiling height 2.9 m Yulia and Denis bought an apartment in a house near Bolshoy Prospect two years ago. They had rented an apartment before. But after they had calculated how much money they spent on renting, they decided that it was more profitably to buy their own housing. There was almost nothing in the apartment except for an old sink, a geyser in the kitchen, and an only operating socket. Only the bathroom was suitable…


Updating the shade

If your interior is dominated by white and natural shades, it does not mean that adorn some of the items do not need to. For example, a white lamp shade is a much better look at an easy decorating.

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