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Functional furniture from the company Vipp

A Famous company Vipp has created an interesting solution to the kitchen, this tune was presented as modern, practical and functional furniture that has already been successfully used in the kitchen. The main advantage of these forges it is entirely constructed of stainless steel. Harmonious design and laconic lines gained recognition cuisine is presented in the classic colors: Black and white and gray version, it seems nice and simple.


Beautiful White Table «Melted Snow»

The studio has developed from Bucharest AAStudio table «Melted Snow». It all started with the idea of creating an original piece of furniture that would be modern, innovative, but most importantly, it should be a symbol of everyday life: the table. We wanted to use corian in all possible ways. Corian – a very strong material, it is non-toxic, non-porous and can be absolutely any conceivable shape. Form the table reminds Mount «Babele», covered with snow. Corian was the perfect metaphor for the snow that covers the table.


Using an old washing machine to create unique seating

Modern designer Antonina Grigoryan – one of the graduates of the Israeli National Academy of Arts. This cute girl has come up with his own hands and made the original three comfortable armchairs of only a broken washing machine. Designer Antonina believes that their old things definitely need to do something in order not to clutter up the environment, and to give a second life to old things.


New life of old suitcases

Modern English designer James Plumb created and came up with an idea that makes use of old unwanted things in a new and modern furniture. James made fun dressers and wardrobes of the simple old suitcases. Such an interesting and fun furniture will be unusual decoration of any room.


White beautiful chandeliers

The prototype for the creation of a collection of drop-shaped chandeliers of snow-white ceramics «Le Trulle» from the company Karman were typical gabled roof traditional houses in Puglia, the easternmost region of Italy. However, this light will suit more for a concise modern interior room than in a country style – fancy designer Edmondo Testaguzza significantly transformed the original sample.


The original wall paintings from PIXERS

Pastel colors in the interior as ever at the peak of popularity. And it seems that this trend is not long out of fashion. American studio PIXERS, known for its provocative collections of wallpaper, introduced a new line of modern wall murals in soft muted shades. Soft like a velvet surface murals visually expressive, not aggressive, so that would be appropriate in large and small-sized room. These pastels are easily combined with modern elements of furniture, accessories and textiles, as there are in the palette catalogs of many manufacturers.

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