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Summer cottages chair with metal frame

The Green Valley chair should be different from its urban counterpart. But not only in questions of comfort and appeal. Comfortable and beautiful chair with a metal frame for a country house you can see in this post with pictures of different  chairs.


Spin Stool by Daphne Zuilhof

Usually the coolest parts can Imest most disgusting description. Spin chair – negative space design Daphne Zuilhof great part. In the collection of a Spin (aka Spider after translation from the Dutch) looks like a small stack of plates. If gradually unfold. What makes an interesting chair is its simple starting point and fascinating stages until its completion. This is an amazing toy for adults with a useful final form. Spin chair is made of 60 different pieces, allowing its smooth motion as you turn around and collect the final version of the chair. You will need a little time to remember…


Stylish leather riser recliner chairs

The Recliner Factory is a UK manufacture of stylish leather riser recliner chairs. A chair from the Recliner Factory is unique in that they can be custom made to closely match your existing furniture in your home. We stock a large range of different fabrics and colours and we can normally match the other furniture in your home. If we do not stock a fabric or colour we can usually source the fabric from one of our many suppliers. What is a leather riser recliner chair? A leather riser recliner chair is different from a normal recliner chair or lazy…


Chair of felt

Peacock Company Designed by Dror for the manufacturer Cappellini. These chairs were created inspired by the beautiful peacock wings. They look great and glamorous. Seats can be purchased in any color, blue, green, yellow and maroon. Chair made ​​of three pieces of felt and a minimal metal frame. Crisis feels woven tightly to form a structured lounger without sewing or upholstery involved.


Unusual chair with his hands

Today we’ll show you how easy it is to make interesting chair from simple improvised. You will need the simple things: tires, fabric, padding polyester, insulation, nails, plywood.


Project executive chair of the Polish studio Melounge

Polish design studio Melounge created a project executive chair. The authors have spoken about his creation: “This product is: stylish chair, perfectly decorated with mild and unique patterned upholstered” chair designed as a cube. It is ideal for smaller rooms. Chair is available in different colors.


Gravity Balans Chair

Designer Peter Opsvik has created a comfortable chair for furniture Balans Varier. As the name implies, this room allows the user to sit in while the other part is in the hanging wall. You can be in four different positions to help with the natural body breath, leg height to improve circulation, spine and neck support for all, giving the user a natural feeling of weightlessness. Different angles can curl up, stretch forward and release your body to move and support necessary of course, when you need it most.

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