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Beautiful lamps from designer Benjamin Hubert

The London Festival of design projects in 2012 by designer Benjamin Hubert has presented a series of lightning – “Chandeliers Tenda». Projection Series combines the materials that relate to a variety of industries: glass fiber mesh – manufacturing industry kites, Lycra – industry manufacturing sportswear, 4 way stretch elastic – Industrial production of underwear and basic equipment design – the production of manufacturing tents. The designer says that the main component of chandeliers is multi-layered textiles. Externally lamp covered with a four-microgrid high quality that gives it volume and lightness. Inner layers manufactured from Lycra which distorted light.


Scary and bold sofa

Charlotte Kingsnorth – a young designer from London came up and made this a fun sofa, it looks very impressive and very real.


Ethnic decor in your home

This three-story apartment in the heart of London, if you move a hot safari: vintage furniture, warm colors, sultry textures and natural materials give a triplex and African bohemian spirit.


The most luxurious house in London | Roehampton Gate London SW15

London is the ideal city for a jet-setter and the luxury real estate market has a long history. Its international population and the strong demand for luxury homes are also due to a tax system reasonable to good schools and its large financial center. It is not easy to find a perfect luxury property that is really “value for money”.


Interior beautiful cottage

Interior design cottage. The project: a multi-level home with spacious rooms, sanitized and green areas, unique fabrics, the use of modern technology to create a comfortable home – automated curtains, home theater. Cottage with comfortable “speaking” interiors in London. The color scheme chosen for each level of the house meets the taste preferences owners mansion: light colors emphasize the softness and comfort that will cheer up a young family, and dark shades chosen for the home theater and lounges, owners speak of love to rest, gather friends in his cottage.


Apartment in residential complex “Airbus”

Getting tired of stylistic variety the hostess decided to create the interior in a soft colour grade and minimalist style in her two-room studio. The space was left opened as much as possible – the apartment with furniture made to order is conventionally divided into two zones – the bedroom and a small working zone combined with the living-room and the kitchen. A two-room apartment in Residential Complex “Aerobus” with the interior of neutral tones and false windows in the bedroom. Owner: Elena – an architect, the owner of Art Jam gallery Number of rooms: 2 Metric area: 67 sq….


Bright house in Notting Hill

In one area of ​​London, known for its flea markets, is this bright and stylish home in the spirit of the 40-50′s. Alive and real, it reflects the character of their owners happy. House walls are painted white, which is a good backdrop for the interior. Color close to the color of the egg shell. This color, in the opinion of the owners, is well suited to demonstrate the color of furniture and accessories. Plastic, glossy and uncompromising color comes from the 50′s are combined with beautiful details of the fatal 40th: marble in interior decoration.

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