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Beautiful rug for the bedroom

The bedroom is the most familiar and cozy place for a person. That person falls asleep in the bedroom and greets the new day, so the room should be comfortable with. The bedroom should be paid much attention to detail, exacting bedside rugs are a part of comfort and coziness is to choose the rugs with a large stack.


Summer cottages chair with metal frame

The Green Valley chair should be different from its urban counterpart. But not only in questions of comfort and appeal. Comfortable and beautiful chair with a metal frame for a country house you can see in this post with pictures of different  chairs.


The ideas and design the beautiful windows in the bathroom

In recent years, modern bathroom ceased to be a small-size dark room, and becoming more and more like a full room with a special case and upholstered furniture to relax and keep things on the ceiling chandeliers, sconces on the walls, and even full-fledged windows. This is due to the fact that the bathroom is becoming an ideal place for relaxation and repose. Having a window in the bathroom can solve several problems at once: visually expands the space, helping to bring to life a variety of design ideas, saves energy during daylight hours of the day and also will…


Warm textiles in interior

You can enjoy a new collection of home decor “Reflejos de Mi Tierra». Their wonderful blankets, throws, pillows and modern rugs really give comfort and warmth of home, you can make your home into a warm place. Holds an Italian company with a traditional old vintage style with a modern touch and elegance, and it’s probably one of the reasons why their products are so wonderful.


Eco Bench Alvin Tjitrowirjo

Modern Indonesian designer Alvin Tjitrowirjo invented Linger, outdoor benches made ​​of natural eco rattan and made ​​by hand, in contrast to machines provide comfort around you. Do not rush in organic shapes and sizes are designed to bring people together to sit, stay and relax.


Bedroom design in a marine style

Beautiful bedroom design in combination of bright and warm tones pleasing to the eye and seems quite cozy. Lacking only the large and roomy closet to the right things always at hand, the best course to a dressing room. Furniture to fit harmoniously into the interior, it is better to buy a compartment to order. Proper selection of colors and materials, and furniture will withstand the overall style of the bedroom. Beautiful bright about, and lovely paintings on the walls. Comfort and warmth in a bedroom would be nice to wake up and go to sleep nicely.


Interesting side tables

When it comes to our comfort, bedside table is one of the essential parts. Phone, hand cream, notebook, favorite magazine, alarm clock and warm socks – we are surprised at how much can fit into such a small piece of furniture. These unusual and original bedside tables, which are not only become functional storage space, but also bring a touch of style to the interior of your bedroom.

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