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Colourful bathrooms

Back in the 70s, many people followed popular interior design trends and chose to install coloured bathroom suites into their homes. Dusky pink and brown suites filled homes across the nation, all then deemed to be at the cutting edge of interior design.


Beautiful natural stone sinks

Modern sink – mono is a real classic. Style in the bathroom with such beautiful shells has mature style, and looks very aesthetically pleasing. This sink is well suited for a small bathroom. These plates will look good in a restaurant, coffee shop, and of course at home.


Luxurious new collection from Omvivo

Latis - it is a beautiful and an elegant bathroom collection from Omvivo, and given it a beautiful shelf, sink, and bathroom, bathroom is in a traditional style, high quality bathroom. Perhaps you were unaware that the name of Latis was taken after the Celtic goddess of water.


Beautiful bathroom from the company Omvivo

A beautiful bathroom from Omvivo Company is the leading and most popular in the creation of modern and comfortable bathrooms in Australia This Company started its production in the early nineties. Bathroom of the company is made of the natural materials, the company offers a large collection, a lot of accessories.


Modern and beautiful bathrooms

Thinking through design beautiful bathroom, you first need to decide on the style. If you practice enough conservative views, choose a classic style. Young, energetic people who are not afraid of experiments, it is possible to choose a more daring style of the interior, such as high-tech. If you like the quiet shades and want to create an atmosphere of total relaxation, choose a romantic style. Whatever style of interior you choose, in any case, bathroom, decorated in the same style, would look nice. The vast majority of the tile-tile is available in stores in the free market, so that inspired…


A bathroom with a bicycle

The idea of a small bathroom design that was invented by the American designer Benjamin Bullinsom from New Orleans. Instead of a drawer he put under the sink … A bicycle. It turned out beautiful, original and even functional – especially in the place fell basket of clean towels. The bike is not the only solution in the original design of this bathroom. The role of the shelf under the mirror plays an old case (apparently from a musical instrument), the wooden elements of dark wood and tiled floor in black and white checks complement the interior, emphasizing the retro…


Bath-hammock Splinter Works’ Vessel

American designers have decided to experiment and combine classic hammock with a bath – or rather, made the bathroom in the form of a hammock. Bath-hammock Splinter Works’ Vessel – an innovative project for fans of the original design. In a bathroom, you can not only wash, but lie down and rest. Feature hammock-bath and in that it is made of carbon fibers with the addition of synthetic fabric that does not spill through its water depth: more than it in a hammock, the deeper it becomes, and it provides complete waterproof surface.

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