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Projects for Vintage Suitcases

If you have a very old suitcase lost his looks, do not throw it! Get creative. Few ideas and some of the materials, you can turn any unnecessary suitcase in a very interesting piece of decor, off-beat vanity cabinet, or even functioning boombox. Look at these elegant bags that have become a whimsical work of art.

Vintage bags make great starting point for design projects, because they are generally high quality and well-made in addition to being the only one of its kind. If you do not have an old-school luggage in your closet, you can easily pick up a few bags in the markets, or to look at their grandmothers.

Such case can be turned into a beautiful and unusual coffee table with built-in storage. In the suitcase, you can store road maps and tourist brochures, photographs reminiscent of traveling.

Can nail a piece of plywood to the bottom of the suitcase and predelat legs. And then you get a great seat.

Vintage suitcases can also be used as a bright and unusual mini-sofas. This sofa invented Kate Thompson, who specializes in the disposal of old and unwanted parts in creative furniture and home accessories. This sofa will please your beloved pet.

Truth looks cute? The suitcase is designed to store women’s stuff. All girls like mirror, tiny boxes, yarkitse colors, and a new way to store jewelry or cosmetics.

BoomCase unusual will look in your living space, and most importantly will serve you for a long time, the magic of music slushayet suitcase!

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