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Beautiful Hanging terrarium – a lamp

The designer, born in Mexico and has lived in the Netherlands, Jose de la O presented a gorgeous pendant light, which is both a vegetable garden. The lamp uses a special lamp, which provides an increased amount of blue light to help plants grow. The designer sees the lamp is not only a source of light, but also a resource for growing vegetables in the city, where there is never enough space for gardening.


The original plant lamp

The lamp in the form of a light bulb, immersed in water, it may seem a very dangerous undertaking. But the young East German designer Miriam (Miriam Aust) found a solution for this insane idea, as a result of what was created «Vase & Leuchte».


Fun and simple lamp

The name of this table lamp authorship Saehee Her. Practical, everyday object, reading lamps, rethought and redesigned in a very cool thing. Lamp from Cool Enough Studio has a simple basis of the tree, a large white bulb pull switch and a colorful cord.


Cheerful and uplifting light

«LMBox» – this is an inspiring and uplifting lamp, created by Norwegian design studio Domaas / Høgh. This square is a masterpiece of two luminous surfaces, as well as the magnets is hidden inside the wooden side panels. If put to use a variety of magnetic elements, the lamp can be used for a variety of functions, and not just for lightning. The lamp is made of birch wood and steel.


Lamp from Woodendot

Famous designers Daniel García and María José Vargas, who work in the studio Woodendot, created a collection of lamps «Ka lamp collection». The collection consists of three basic models Ka XL, Ka M, Ka S. Ka XL is a lamp with diffused light, Ka M – designed mainly for reading, and Ka S is a table lamp. These hand lamps are made exclusively from natural materials and they exhibit the meticulous attention to detail. Each model in the collection is available in two versions, black and white.


Lamp made ​​of unnecessary utensils

Collection “Glass Lamps” thrifty Dutch established the studio Re-Creation. The guys believe in life to old things, recycling as a way to save the planet from the debris, etc.


Lamp «Rim» ​​by Japanese designer Jun Yasumoto

While in Paris, the Japanese designer Jun Yasumoto has created a collection of lamps, which gave its name – «Rim». Table lamp itself is a very simple design. The lamp is fixed at a flat fabric shade set, which revolves around the light source. Tripod lamp made ​​of steel. Table lamp emits a soft and warm light. «Rim» ​​was presented at the Paris Design Week 2012.

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