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Design small apartments

A small apartment can be beautiful and individual. It can have as many cons and pros. The main drawback is the lack of a small apartment space, but there is no need to panic. And in a small apartment, you can create a unique design that will emphasize the personality and individuality of the owner. To the interior of a small apartment to make a really unusual in the foundation you need to put an original and stylish idea. To convert the ideas you have are equipped with knowledge of exclusive design techniques and innovative solutions.

Lack of pretentiousness, showiness makes small apartment cozy and spacious and well decorated wall does not affect the overall design and lets you divide a certain area.

The designer has placed emphasis on the design of one wall, and all the other elements of decor perfectly complement the interior of a small and cozy apartment.

White and glass wall expand the space and the furniture on wheels make it easy to produce transformation and rearrangement in a small apartment.

A simple but multifunctional furniture will help to solve the problem of space in a small apartment, and decorative pillows add comfort.

Multi-level ceilings with interesting lighting effectively zoned space, and white visually expands the space of a small apartment.

Design partitions helps skillfully zonirovat space of a small apartment, and a bold color scheme creates a good mood.

Small apartment with built-in furniture can make it spacious and comfortable, and the fittings and lamp unusual shape give the room personality.

The use of various techniques to separate functional areas, will be the main feature of this apartment. Bright glass partition and multi-level ceiling to help divide the apartment area and save a lot of space.

The design of this small apartment can be defined as flowing space, where the floors, ceiling and walls are in harmony in the same room, combining the different areas that can be easily seen visually.

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