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Black in the interior

From the point of view of black – no not the color, but only a lack of color. Designers do not agree with them, successfully making it one of the most popular elements of the palette. What is the secret “black art”?

Distance – removing

Volume – neutral

Weight – heavy

Temperature – cold

Luminosity or brightness – the gloomy

Movement – stationary

The first impression – indifferent

The psychological impact – seems gloom, balance, strength, frightening, strict, elegant

Amateur – original, unique people, melancholic, sunken into a depression

Suitable rooms – bedroom, bathroom, office (if used correctly)

Unsuitable rooms – kitchen, living room, nursery, small cramped room

Additional color – white

STYLE – avant-garde, art deco, high-tech

Black – is the absence of color flow, coming from the object. It absorbs the rays of light, as well as all the other colors around it. This quality is unique, it can not be found in any other of the myriad of shades that offer us a thick coloristic fan. Because of its idiosyncratic effects on the human eye and its influence mentality governing this eye is also very special.

A kind of perception of the color indicates the whole of our culture – it is no wonder he became chief in the days of mourning, and in those moments when you want to emphasize the elegance of its own. Do not forget the black magic, black humor, or a genre of detective stories – tickling nerves films noir.

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