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Hit the deck with your new nautical bedroom

The importance of keeping your bedroom fresh doesn’t need to be explained, but when you’re on the hunt for new bedroom decor the choice can be overwhelming and expensive. If you’re looking for a style that can be achieved quickly and don’t want to lose any sleep on the cost, try adding a nautical splash to your room.

Start in the middle
The best thing is that you can keep it really simple, and with minimal furnishings you can be closer to the waves when you sleep. The most important part is obviously the bed. Look for a chunky wooden frame to base the rest of the room from. Have a look at these wooden beds by bedroomworld and think about the grain and tone of the wood. Pick a mid to light colour if you can adapt to other styles if you change your mind, or a darker, waxed finish if you really want to get lavish in your nautical design.

DIY additions
Keep other furniture down to two or three items, the lack of clutter will enhance the calmness of the room, and try to match the shades of the wood to the bed while you look. You’ll find that the lighter shades are more versatile. When looking for bedside tables and chests, you can be really inventive. Things like crates and barrels will fit perfectly and can be found for much less than designer furniture. Businesses that use those sorts of things may be willing to give you them for a small fee (or even free), then it’s over to your imagination on how to modify it.
Easier examples: give it a ‘distressed’ look with sandpaper, or add some stencils using cardboard and spray paint.

Finishing touches
Now the big bits are sorted you can add some art and fabric to finish the look. Again, don’t overdo it. A pastel blue or green throw will look great. If you have wooden floors you’re probably better off leaving it that way, but if you have a carpet, a similarly coloured rug will help to unify everything.

Finally, add something to the walls. go to charity shops or cheap print shops for ships and seafaring artwork, or, if you have a circular mirror, you can buy a metre or so of thick rope- either online or in a surplus store- and glue it to the rim without much DIY skill, giving a rough and ready porthole for your cabin.

That’s everything! Because the extras cost so little, you have plenty of license to change things round, add a little, or take some away without your finances going below deck, so be inventive and enjoy your new space.

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