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Wooden pallets as furniture

Wooden pallets going through a real peak of popularity. In the west, the reason for that is the craze for using recycled materials, for us it’s an incredible opportunity for mere pennies conceptually decorate the house. Well, or cottage.

A place for your pet. Simple, ergonomic (can be done in two ways – the street and home) and, taking into account the cost of alternative sunbeds at pet stores, almost free option. All you need a little patience, sandpaper, an old mattress, a new pan and accurate representation of the dimensions of the animal.

Garden furniture. The key word here is “furniture”. In the presence of skilled hands and a good set of tools from the most ordinary of pallets is possible to build a set.

Flower stands. To implement this idea, you will need the free space and the proper pallet.

Kitchen. We move into the room and begin to measure the wall. To give cheaper and more practical option could not be found – a cutting table, shelves, cabinets, benches, chairs, etc.

Bed. With the right approach and high-quality processing you can build a base for a bed, a decent apartment in the city.

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