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Table lamp in children’s toys

In every house there is a lot of old plastic toys – be it toys from Kinder Surprise, all kinds of supermen or soldiers, which long ago, or more recently played our children. To give these toys a new life, you can decorate their table lamp with shade. From table lamp with shade comes a special, mysterious lights and toys coated with silver or gold paint gleaming soft, magical light … Here’s an idea for a table lamp with shade, which was decorated with old foot plastic toys, toys for placing glue and covering them with paint. Also, the idea…


Wooden pallets as furniture

Wooden pallets going through a real peak of popularity. In the west, the reason for that is the craze for using recycled materials, for us it’s an incredible opportunity for mere pennies conceptually decorate the house. Well, or cottage.


Interior room in spring colors

Like the scenery in the theater, set table can conjure up all kinds of situations styles and moods … The most ingenious set table has its own theme, however subtle it was not We have a spring … Therefore, use the spring flowers and green … They can be combined into a single track in the center of the table, and they can decorate each separate plate, stressing the roads you your guests … Do not forget the candles … Even during the day they will create a very cozy and romantic setting …


Designer SMEG fridge

The unusual design decorate your kitchen refrigerator, and more. Your friends will envy you for sure when they see such an interesting design.


Christmas Ornaments to Make

This resource is made to facilitate the selection of accessories for you to decorate your home and Christmas trees.


Christmas items for your home

Offices and even started to decorate the house before the coming holidays. If you have not decorate your home – no problem. Colorful socks for gifts – a mandatory attribute for a good holiday. Festive table can “burst” is not only the food, but also on the jewelry. A Christmas tree with gifts can be placed in any office. Creatively and functionally. Traditional glass beads on a bit obsolete. And replace them with plastic toys may or those funny little men from animals.


Decorating the fireplace for Christmas

When you think of Christmas, the first thing that comes to mind is family. And if you have a fireplace, then you’re probably waiting for Christmas especially to quickly decorate your favorite mantel. Usually fireplace is the star, the center of the living room decor, just like a Christmas tree. Many family photos are usually placed near the fireplace, that everyone wants to decorate the place the most colorful and original. We present you some interesting examples of Christmas decorations for the fireplace, which will be remembered forever.

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