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Modern-Gothic House with Cool Wine Cellar

This stunning pool house has been designed by interior designer firm Jamie Beckwith in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to being an interior designer and creating her product line, Jamie has a showroom in Nashville where she has curated design products that are unique, beautiful and innovative. The pool house was designed on the grounds of her own house which is a Gothic-style estate, as a place for her out-of-town guests to stay and as an entertaining area for family barbeques and hosting charity events.

Beckwith used the pool house as an opportunity to experiment with innovative ideas that she had contrived as well as incorporating unique products that she has designed. The house is chalk full of unexpected textures, which includes wood tile flooring, murals, travertine walls and furnishings and rugs that can withstand three young children and guests that are damp from a dip in the pool. The interiors feature Gothic touches which are inspired by the main house, which is a more traditional Gothic style. The pool house has been more modernized with touches of Gothic mixed with cleaner lines.

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