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Designer table Quello from the studio Ercol

Creative design table Quello has a modern design and minimalist look that fits very well in almost any room, occupying a small space. Even if you’re using it as an “accessory”, it can put your things.


Flat light in the interior

Fashion for the lights are increasingly leaning toward the minimalist and rounded shapes. A variety of flat, like plates, lamps – a direct confirmation.


A small and comfortable workplace

This is not a dollhouse that workspace! It has windows that can be opened or closed, depending on whether you wish to be hidden from the outside world. Also in this space there is a workplace for illuminating plants in pots, and even sills which may be used as storage space. The authors of this application: architectural studio Torafu. The project is called Koloro, this is a desk and chair, a customizable workspace. If you want, you can really use it as a dollhouse, here there are all necessary. Job created is minimalist and easy, does not take up much…


Wooden shelf hand-made

This shelf is a part of modern art, which you can repeat. This combination of seasoned wood and white boards as shelves. Please note that the shelf is hanging above the floor. This shelf is a minimalist, modern house, built by architect Rick Sheen. Photo – Peter Fritz


Wooden lamps and sculptures

Under the brand Split Grain American designer Paul Foekler (Paul Foeckler) creates stylish minimalist fixtures and sculptures of California cypress. Incoming search terms: WOODEN LAMPS


Interior of a country house

The white color is attractive your ease, impeccably clean and impressive. White in the interior – it is always a good move. He gives a lot of opportunities not only for the interior decoration, but also to change the space, visually pushing its boundaries and increasing the volume. In the interior of the white color was particularly popular in Europe and America, 20′s and 30′s, when the white walls and furniture were the symbol of the aristocratic way of life owners of the house, a sign of wealth and sophistication. Minimalist interiors 60 white used in a completely new role:…

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