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The magnificent master bedroom for your guests

Interior Design from Jennifer Reynolds impresses with its pomp and grandeur. Lifestyle, displaying the internal state is becoming increasingly popular and is reflected in how people live, what things surround themselves. This guest bedroom is designed for wealthy people who love and appreciate the charm of royal elegance. All the furniture and decor items are selected with the utmost care and complement each other.

The color palette is harmonious and blue colors used for decoration room well together. The palette of gentle, pleasing to the visual perception. The dominant colors are unobtrusive, which means that they do not get bored and stale. For wall design designer chose gorgeous wallpaper. The pattern on the leg of a table lamp, standing on the bedside table, repeating pattern, printed on wallpaper.

The ceiling is decorated with stucco and elegant chandelier of rock crystal.

Interesting design decision to split the room area with curtains. Drapery separates the working secretary, located in an alcove near the window, from the recreation area.

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