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Bar stools for kitchen

When designing the interior of the kitchen, many owners choose the modern style, which fits well and comfortable bar stools for the kitchen. They perfectly complement the interior of the high-tech style, art deco, modern, minimalist, fusion, etc. Bar stools for the kitchen is difficult to confuse with the usual. First, they are much higher than their traditional counterparts, as calculated by the height of the bar. And she, in turn, is also higher than the normal dining table. Second, the bar stool has a small seat, because in fact this is furniture “Party” and the brief get-togethers, changing dancing….


Beautiful sink-cup of Artceram

The company is Artceram washbasin Cup, which is several times larger cup. He is clearly designed for those who have a sense of humor, and who does not lose, hurrying to work early in the morning. Product Dimensions 75x50x85sm. Washbasin is made in two versions – black and white. On the handle of the cup is a special place to place soap, toothbrushes, and other accessories. This sink-cup fits perfectly in the interior of any style – classical, modern, minimalist, etc.


Interesting handles for drawers

This seemingly minor detail how to handle the chest, can instantly transform the entire interior. Baroque and minimalist, vintage or modern, handle dresser is an analogue of cufflinks in interior etiquette. Wooden handles with interesting details and patterns are perfect for romantic interiors and classic style, wooden pens, clay, handmade, decorate modern interior and gilt or brass knobs for the dresser will be a crucial part for the interior in different styles. You can select the color and taste. If you want something original, but you can not buy. Make them yourself out of clay.

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