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The Apartment of Marat Helman, an Art Critic

The Ostozhenka Street apartment belongs to Marat and his spouse and chief assistant Julia Helman for 10 years already. In the meantime redecoration has been done just once: in charge of the interior design was Alexander Brodski, a famous architect whose carrier started right from the Helmans’ apartment project. The house built in 1907 and ever since then known as the “house-under-the-jigger” has an extremely complicated architecture, plenty of annexes and side wings. Just as the Helmans were beginning to move in, it was a communal, shared apartment. The two accommodations with broken partitions embracing an area of about 160 m² were tumbled into ruins.

The windows overlook the domes of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Julia says: «If the whole of the Cathedral were visible, it would be out of my line, since the bottom of the church is a little bit disproportionate, while the top of it is good». Her favourite spots are the kitchen, the observation post giving a view of the entire «public» area of the apartment and a 5-window lengthy sill, running through the whole of the central hall. Standing out against the open space, picture windows and white walls is a dark-grey rack, crammed with books and comparting the entrance hall and the living room. The other, private half of the apartment is comprised of a playroom, a study and a bedroom. This family part of the apartment, on the contrary, is very cosy and tight.

Artists and friends are usually responsible for the details in the critic’s house – they are mostly represented by works of art.

Photos by Olga Eichenbaum

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