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Modern Furniture and Designs for the Bedroom

With many innovative and unique new furniture and gadget designs available it can be a real challenge to bring something really fresh to your bedroom. It can also be a challenge when face with such banality in all the major furniture suppliers. To help you resolve these problems we have scoured the web and found a few exceptional ideas that you might want to consider when spicing up your bedroom; from a TV Bed to a branch inspired Bookcase.

Hanging Lights
There a few ways these could be implemented, but the general idea is quite simple: lights hanging from wires at different levels all around your room (as seen below). With multiple low intensity lights hanging down, the room is transformed into a mystical cave with an ethereal atmosphere unachievable with a single overhead light. This bedroom addition could be further improved with personalised light fittings, such as moons or flowers.

Ottoman Style, under-the-bed Storage
For centuries people have stored their belongings under the bed, removing them from site and worry. Now, with the introduction of modern, ottoman style beds you are able to organise and store your belongings with ease. Simply lift the bed and reveal the storage space hidden blow. With Ottoman style storage, no matter what size your room, you will have plenty of space and no one will ever be exposed to your mess again!

TV Beds
Sticking with the theme of storage, why not take the TV out of the equation with a contemporary TV Bed. There are manycheap tv beds supplied by the TV Beds Centre that will provide a luxurious bed with a hidden TV compartment without breaking the bank. There are also a selection of TV Beds with Ottoman style storage, allowing you to combine with bedroom innovation with the last suggestion.

Branch Bookcase
Finally, you could think about installing this creative and fetching method of storing your books: the Bookcase Branch. I’m not sure if people are selling these nature inspired bookcases anywhere, but I’m sure any strong, spidery branch would suffice. This addition to your bedroom is sure to catch the attention of any visitors with its imposing and unusual presence. Provided you can accept your books not existing in perfect unison and allow for a more sporadic bookshelf, the unique piece of furniture could be just what your bedroom needs.

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