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Wood Plastic Composite

To date, the use of products made of “liquid wood” is becoming more and more popular in the city, and close to nature. There are several reasons.

Wood-polymer composite consists of small pieces of wood, resin, color pigments, UV-stabilizers, manufactured by extrusion: the material is mixed, and then at a high temperature under pressure shall be given the necessary form.

The binder used thermoplastic polymers, and the wood content by weight can be up to 90%.

Products made of wood plastic composite have a number of operational advantages.
Decking of wood-plastic composite is no need to paint every year.
Decking, even in the rain prevents slipping due to its corrugated surface.
The material can withstand a wide temperature range (-50 ° C to +50 ° C).
Composite decking is very durable and can withstand heavy loads, they can be used as flooring, even for parking.


Due to the unique structure and properties of WPC products have a wide range of applications.

In construction – for cladding buildings, door and window profiles, panels for wall openings, gable boards.

In the urban and suburban landscape – for decking (decking), sidewalks, fences, fences, garden architecture (benches, gazebos), the court buildings, playgrounds, swimming pools for decoration, as a floor covering.

Interior finishing – for the manufacture of handrails, stairs, shutters, decorative profiles, paneling, kitchen built-in cabinets, flooring, office furniture, shelving, skirting boards, acoustic panels.

“Liquid Wood” is widely used in the industry: it are made of bridges, transport pallets, containers, piers, marine pilings and bulkheads, railway parts (Sleepers), bins, signs, signage, and automotive manufacturing – prokladka roofs and doors, interior panels, overhead racks, spare wheel cover, floor trucks and seat backs.

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