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Garden benches

Bench – one of the most interesting decorative element that allows you to emphasize the landscape zones. Benches can be routed around the track, planting trees, shrubs, flower beds broken, and you can put it in the most unexpected places.

Each garden bench – it reinvented the wheel. Traditional and unexpected at the same time: the shape, material of manufacture, decoration …
The options are innumerable, though, it would be easy: bench – she and Africa bench. But in Africa, the specificity, in Asia – their own, in Europe too interesting turns. Some of the author’s works are more like works of plastic art than on the bench.

When choosing the bench to start from several factors:

● style, which made landscaping;

● affordability;

● purpose benches;

● durability of the material.

But what material would be made no bench, it in any way to be protected from direct sunlight, especially in the afternoon. And the shadow of the trees, preferably a solid shade of buildings.Recreation area and also desirable to protect from the wind. For these purposes, you can use the bushes or pergolas. Benches should have its back to the wall, trees and shrubs.

Benches made of wood, and, especially, the vines need shelter for the winter snow and wet plastic wrap, oilcloth on fabric or canvas. Or write them at the end of the summer season in the garage.

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