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Clinic by Aida Atelier

Saijo Clinic is minimal interior is located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by design studio Aida. Saijo Clinic is a private psychiatric clinic with short-care/group-care program. The clinic is located on the 11th floor penthouse in the building with a view of Shinjuku Gyoen parka.Penthaus was originally built as part of a huge sign on the roof. Clinic building huge and green, beautiful landscape, designers proposed a clinic in simple huts. The clinic provides comfort and convenience, and looks like a small rural house, located in the heart of the metropolis. These cute huts take different forms of relationship with each other:…


House by Keith Baker Design

House by Keith Baker Design This lovely house is located in Victoria, British Columbia has developed designer Keith Baker, who built Review events. In 2008, this wonderful house has received 10 gold medals, also was included in the Best Project of the Year and Best home in Canada. Set the house of Garry Oaks on a rocky slope, Armada House is a perfect combination of glass, steel, concrete and wood look great. Warmth and comfort will never leave the walls of this beautiful house. Incoming search terms: beautiful house , best house , the best house , wonderful house


Modern-Gothic House with Cool Wine Cellar

This stunning pool house has been designed by interior designer firm Jamie Beckwith in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to being an interior designer and creating her product line, Jamie has a showroom in Nashville where she has curated design products that are unique, beautiful and innovative. The pool house was designed on the grounds of her own house which is a Gothic-style estate, as a place for her out-of-town guests to stay and as an entertaining area for family barbeques and hosting charity events.


Underwater Living Space Idea

Underwater rooms are places that sometimes only exist in our wildest of fantasies, but more and more in this day and age these rooms (and entire hotels) are becoming a reality made possible by architects and designers globally. Although it might seem like a huge undertaking to propose an underwater space of your own if you don’t have the budget or plot of land that will accommodate an underground structure– we’re sure our 10 favorites will help to inspire your own projects and get a room or two underwater if you choose. Build out a pool, pond or other body…


Boustred House by Ian Moore Architects

Australian architecture firm, Ian Moore Architects, has designer the Boustred House in Sydney Australia. The house is built on a north facing slope in the suburb of Mosman. Due to the dramatic slope, this contemporary, three level home appears as a single story from the street.


Exclusive Duplex Penthouse in Manhattan

This exclusive 5,000 square foot duplex penthouse is located in the 40 story Park Laurel condominium, a residential skyscraper built in 2000 and designed by Beyer Blinder Belle and Costas Kondylis in Mahanttan, New York City, USA. Located on the top two floors of the building, the five bedroom, five and a half bath apartment offers breathtaking 360 degree views Central Park and the city’s skyline.


New York Townhouse in Dufner Heighe’s Ideas

Design studio Dufner Heighes were commissioned with the task of turning back the clock on a New York City townhouse. The most recent developer gutted the building and left if feeling cold and stark, so the new owner wished to create a cozy home with modern details. The designers restored the original facade from 1899 and reinstated original architectural and design details. The 4,200 square foot multi-story townhouse opens by way of steps that lead up to the first floor entry level featuring a double parlor. The living room with its custom Koi wallpaper mural adds elegant warmth to the…

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