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MOOMOO Architect’s Idea – Reykjavik House

Reykjavik House is a minimalist home located in Reykjavik, Iceland, and designed by MOOMOO Architects. The form is plain white with wide glazings – respective of the ambiance and simplicity of the surrounding landscape. Two of the walls are mostly covered in order to provide privacy from the neighbors. The glazings on the side of the house slide open for use in warmer seasons. While the exterior is completely white, the interior has instances of birch wood accents. The floor plan is divided into four main sections: the bedroom, garage, children’s area, and living area. Believe it or not, I…


Idea for Contemporary Residence in Canada

Although we don’t often visit our friends up north, Canada is home to some stunning contemporary dwellings. One of our personal favorites is this beautiful Hillcrest House residing in Victoria, BC, Canada.


Unique Interior Solution by Supermachine

Advertising agencies tend to be some of the most creative places employing free thinkers and those who come up with the campaigns that stick– so it’d be crazy not to have an office conducive of that, right? Well Supermachine Design Studio agrees and they put together a gorgeously energizing space for ad gurus Saatchi and Saatchi. The 4,300 square foot office space features plenty of visually interesting elements in the ceiling, on the walls and especially the conference room, where a bicycle based table takes center stage. There’s an entire zone devoted to creativity and collaboration, complete with a front…


Alpine Hotel by Swedish architects

Swedish architectural firm AIX Arkitekter has designed the Copperhill Mountain Lodge in Are, Sweden. Completed in 2008, this 183,000 square foot, contemporary alpine hotel includes some unique design details such as a one-story fire place, and a three-story high copper wall. Breathtaking panoramic views can be enjoyed from many of its rooms, restaurants, and spa.


Black and White Interior Ideas for Shophouse

Shophouse at 18 Everitt Road was designed by Matthew Lai of Studio XMSL in Singapore. The home was designed to be long and narrow, absent of an internal courtyard, which varies greatly from the typical light flooded and well-ventilated shophouses seen in Asian lifestyle magazines. The architect decided to not bring in additional natural light, instead express these dimly lit areas by enveloping them in black while contrasting them with the well-lit areas, finished in pure white. “As a result, the dining on the 1st storey and the study cum lounge on the 2nd storey are enveloped in black while…

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