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Beautiful dining room by designer Lisa Mende

This dining room is a separate room, allowing the designer to create here an oasis of beauty and elegance. It is not combined with a working kitchen area, and its interior is a stylistically complete independent premises.

The main color in this room – dark brown. For contrast designer chose a light brown (ocher) and a bright turquoise color. That makes a note of color turquoise freshness. He focuses on the attention, so using it in different elements, it is easy to make a holistic whole interior dining room.

Of course, the main pieces of furniture here – table and chairs. Round Table – the most “spiritual”, followed by all sitting there, not separated by angles countertops that erases the boundaries in communication. Round table looks good in the middle of the dining room. Long linen tablecloth drops to the floor and makes the situation in a little romance. Chairs covered capes of the same fabric as the tablecloth.

Cushions with turquoise pattern is not only beautiful, but also functional. They can be put under your back for more comfort. It is impossible not to pay attention to the pattern of the facade stands, which stands in the middle of the dining room – it was made by the technique of carving and makes this piece of furniture exclusive.

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