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Cozy one bedroom apartment in Moscow

Alisa – PR-director


108 sq.m

2.85 m

Alisa purchased the apartment in one of the towers of Moscow-City in 2006, when the complex had been still under construction. The construction was delayed because of the crisis, and the repair took one more year. The hostess had a complete vision of her future dwelling and worked at the layout and the interior together with her friend – an architect Margarita Bezgina. They decided not to make too many walls in an empty perimeter. A large glass is mounted into the only wall between the bedroom and the living-room. The space becomes much more open due to panoramic windows and light walls. But the hostess began to miss small yards and old Moscow flats for a year of living here.

Alisa tried to use only natural materials in the finishing and in the interior. The floor and the ceiling are from natural light oak. The sofa is BoConcept.

The hostess decided to give up wallpaper at once. All walls in the apartment are concrete, the facture is created by the plaster and the use of stone imitating brick.

Initially the workers constructed a perfectly naked wall, but then they made it less neat by Alisa’s request. The stone imitating brick is Expostroy on Nakhimovsky prospect.

Almost all furniture of Italian and German brands was ordered in Russia. The architect helped with its selection and purchase. The kitchen is Cezar. Built-in appliances are Neff. Chairs in the dining room were made to order; slipcovers which are easy to wash, and the curtains were sewn in the same place. Ceiling lamps are Artemide.

Almost all decorative elements: pillows, candles, pots, plaids are Zara Home, Ikea.

Paper bouquet is a present from Alisa’s younger sister.

The tree from the hostess’s imagination was materialized by her artist-friend. Besides he made the picture stereoscopic. The swing – the hostess’s dream – was made to order.

There are two toilet rooms in the apartment, one of which, a guest one, is located in the living-room opposite the wardrobe room.

The bed is BoConcept.

As a rule the bath Duravit is used as a spa-salon for friends, who have a rest in the foam to music. By the way the sound is conducted all around the apartment, and a special utility room is provided for the equipment.

The ceiling lamp is Moooi.

The hostess is pleased with her bold decision to locate the bath in the bedroom. Though she said that she had taken it only several times, because she preferred the shower cabin behind the door.

In spite of impressive area of the wardrobe room, which one can enter from both sides, Alisa almost has already filled it.

The picture is a present from a graphic designer Zhenya Dugin.

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