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Wicker lamps from Chile

These lights look very cozy and comfortable, and thanks to the beautiful lighting will make a magical aura’s who wove these amazing lights. These lights seem very cozy and comfortable, and thanks to the beautiful lighting will give a magical aura.


Cozy one bedroom apartment in Moscow

HOSTESS Alisa – PR-director NUMBER OF ROOMS 2 METRIC AREA 108 sq.m CEILING HEIGHT 2.85 m Alisa purchased the apartment in one of the towers of Moscow-City in 2006, when the complex had been still under construction. The construction was delayed because of the crisis, and the repair took one more year. The hostess had a complete vision of her future dwelling and worked at the layout and the interior together with her friend – an architect Margarita Bezgina. They decided not to make too many walls in an empty perimeter. A large glass is mounted into the only wall…


Beautiful and concise contemporary designer furniture from Joseph Wall

Beautiful and concise contemporary designer furniture from Wal Joseph. Chairs have curves lines that will make you feel cozy and comfortable. Сurves expense forms, you cannot slouch, as the chair takes the shape of your body and teach you how to keep your posture correct. Worth mentioning that it is also unusual in that it has only three legs, two front and one rear.


Modern kitchen interior prettiness

The design of this cute and cozy and rustic Tuscan cuisine is inspired by the traditions and motifs, despite the fact that the house is located in the south of Spain. For the hosts it has been important to have not just a comfortable place for cooking, but also the space where the whole family would be comfortable to spend time and socialize. It is noteworthy that there is a way out to the wonderful garden and large windows that give more comfort to this already very emotional space.


Office table for the employee who often falls asleep on the job

If you are often late in the office or even you have to spend the night there, then you will appreciate the designer table-transformer. In working time table looks like a perfectly ordinary, but once you get tired, it can be expanded and turned into a quite cozy bed size 200 x 80 cm, which is quite enough for one person.


Metal Garden Bench.

In order to make a wrought-iron bench seat on a soft, often use special mattresses or pillows that are tied ropes to the bench. Such a solution will make your stay comfortable and cozy. Also, you will not only soft, but warm – removable mattress you can lay on the bench, even in cool weather and take pleasure in the outdoor recreation.

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