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Some Country Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen is the coziest place in the house. We spend much time here – we cook food, we have breakfast, we have dinner, we have supper or we drink tea and coffee with guests. Here we create the culinary masterpieces to please our relatives. Kitchen is a place of privacy and heart-to-heart talks with close friends. It is a special place in the house therefore it’s very important to make the project of your kitchen functional and unique. How to optimize kitchen space, how to make that all elements would be combined? How to make the kitchen really cozy? Does…


Bright and stylish designer of Ana Cordeiro

If you move away from the banality for resettlement on the premises, the result can be an outstanding interior, cozy, comfortable and incredible functionality. In many ways, the perception of color sets the style of the room. Vivid and bright colors give the room a joyful, carefree little look. Especially uplifting green in the interior – it helps to escape the monotony and achieve psychological comfort. Scattered around the room, he makes a note of freshness. Sets the mood of the room especially the carpet on the floor. If razabrats coloring matches the COLOR of walls, then there is an…

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